CS Series – Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor

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DEA Raised Access Flooring Inc. is proud to offer a high-performance option with homogeneous high-density Calcium Sulphate core or CS Series.

This line is suitable for heavy industrial to office environments as it can be combined with ceramic and stoneware top finishes, and can be used with resilients and HPL-laminates top finishes.

The technical characteristics can vary according to the thicknesses available, 30 and 34 mm, although high physical-mechanical performance, excellent fire-resistance and high levels of sound-proofing are key features to this popular flooring option.


Encapsulated Calcium Sulphate Panel Specification



With some of the highest load performance grades and an extensive selection of under-structure supports and floor finishes, these panels are suitable for a wide range of applications:

General Office
The calcium sulphate core panel’s solid feel is quiet yet economical. An excellent rolling load and Class A flame • spread rating make this a perfect choice for general office use.

Computer Rooms
In addition to its lightweight, a strong ultimate load capacity makes this a favourite for computer rooms.

CS-Series Understructure
A variety of understructure options ranging from standard Bolt-Tite to Heavy Duty rigid grid system will accommodate any type of flooring installation. All understructure is manufactured in a ISO9001, ISO4001 facility.


  • 24″ x 24″
  • 600mm × 600mm
  • Thickness: 28mm , 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm



  • Less susceptible to changes in humidity and temperatures
  • Higher load rating capacity
  • Improved tolerance of flatness


  • Non-combustible center core
  • Fire-resistant – Class 0
  • Better noise and vibration absorbance and treading comfort


  • No wood products or VOCs used in the manufacturing process
  • Water-proof



Panel Types

  • Loose lay encapsulated Calcium Sulphate Panel
  • Screwdown encapsulated Calcium Sulphate Panel
  • Anti-Static Calcium Sulphate Panel with PVC band edge

Panel Structure

Encapsulated calcium sulphate panel consists of high-strength calcium sulphate (calcium silicate or cement particle board) core. Top and bottom steel sheet is bonded to the core with profiled edges. Anti-static panel adds HPL or PVC bonded to steel sheet coating.


  • Full steel encasement with excellent sealing
  • Elaborately made, high dimensional accuracy and smooth floor surface
  • Good load and impact load capacity and excellent anti-static properties
  • Environmentally friendly core materials
  • Waterproof, fire-proof, antisepsis and sound insulation

Popular Areas of Use

Calcium sulphate raised floor can be installed:

  • High-Grade intelligent building
  • Meeting room
  • Audio-visual teaching room
  • Office building
  • Exhibition room
  • Banks and Casinos

Installation Photos