FS Series: Enviro-Panel Concrete Filled Welded Steel Panels

The FS series panels are epoxy coated unitized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded from a formed steel bottom sheet filled with a highly controlled mixture of lightweight cement. Manufactured to exact tolerances, these solid panels deliver the ultimate in design, performance, plenum integrity, service and usability.


With five standard load performance grades and an extensive selection of under-structure supports and floor finishes, these panels are suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Offices & Data Centers
  • Classrooms & Training Facilities
  • Libraries, Courthouses
  • Casinos & More
  • Light Industrial applications using carpet or PVC tiles as surface

FS Steel Panel is made of quality steel plate, which is stretched forming welded and sprayed with bubble cement filled in its inner cavity. Its pedestal is plated with zinc and cast aluminum alloy, whose height is adjustable and can be self-locked. The steel panel can be shaped by either slicing or riveting.

In order to meet the requirements of the multi-functional intelligent building, FS raised floor is equipped with double wiring chip boxes to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Installed by beamless angle bars, the panels are firm, stable and easy to handle.